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Strategy is Crap

As part of my ongoing platform to help HR Pros focus on what is important, I wanted to take another stab at this whole “strategic” thing. As many of you know, I really get riled up about HR Pros always talking about the need to be “more strategic” and how they don’t feel as though they are adding value as an HR Pro if they aren’t being “strategic.” Truth of the matter is, would we even know if were being strategic if we were actually being strategic? Whoa…think about that!

Dog wasteAny who, my point is this – any company and/or department can have strategic plans. There are tons of companies out there that have developed great strategies for how they will grow and deliver their product or service. They spend days/weeks/months cobbling together beautiful PowerPoint presentations, hardbound strategy books and awesome spreadsheets in support of their strategy. At the end of the day, these strategies mean nothing if your culture is crap.

What I am getting at is that the more important, albeit more time consuming, focus for HR Pros and their company’s needs to be on improving their organizational culture. Think about it – you have a great strategic plan to grow your business by adding new product or service lines this year. All of which are predicated on having the right people in place. However, you have such a poor organizational culture that you are turning over 35% of your staff each year and your quality metrics are crap. Good luck executing on that strategic “plan.”

You want real change that will help support and grow the business? Then focus on culture. As an HR Pro, you want to add real value to your company? Take on the challenge of trying to change your organizational culture. If you need to focus organizationally on more of a quality mindset – then help lead the charge to make this shift. Apply your change management abilities and truly add value as a business partner. Need to shift to more of a performance management mindset? Be at the forefront of leading that change, working with managers and employees to shift their thinking and mindset and really try and make a difference.

Here is the thing – driving a culture change/shift is harder and takes longer then developing “strategy.” Don’t be fooled into thinking that developing a bunch of strategic plans will make you a better HR Pro or more valued. That is total rubbish – sink your teeth into something that really makes a difference. Once you have the right culture in place, you can then focus on your strategic plans because without the right supporting culture, strategy is crap. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

Photo courtesy of artur84/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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