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Do you believe?

From the “not so” dusty archives

The Armchair HR Manager - Advice from an "HR Fan"

As leaders our words have a very powerful impact on those that we are empowered to lead.  The reality is that our actions have even a far more powerful impact than those words.  Leaders have to always be consciencous of the fact that their employees are always watching and listening to see if your actions align with your words.  If there is any sort of misalignment, than your leadership credibility suffers greatly.  The same goes for  the collective leadership team of an organization.  Far too often leaders spout rhetoric around the need to make decisions that align with company values or why implementing standardized processes and procedures will be critical for future growth, etc. while their actions completely contradict their words.

Far too often I have seen leadership credibility compromised because employees simply do not BELIEVE in what their leaders are telling them.  It is your and my role(s) to…

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