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Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me!

Wow, hard to believe another year has gone by at the Armchair HR Manager. As a (still) fairly new HR blogger, I have only been doing this for two years now; however, I am starting to find my sweet spot a bit. What started out as an exercise in capturing my thoughts and sharing lessons learned has now evolved into, I think, a somewhat respectable blog with a modest following….and for that I am very grateful. I have started to focus more on leadership challenges as well some specific HR and recruiting topics. This seems to have struck a (positive) chord with my readership.

2nd anniversaryOne of the things that I have found to be truly remarkable about the blogging experience and HR bloggers in general, is how supportive they are. I have found that most bloggers, regardless of their experience level, remember what those first few years of blogging were like and how difficult it is to make your mark. Instead of viewing new HR bloggers as ‘competition’, they have tended to provide support, inspiration and guidance and keep reminding me that I am not along…people really are reading my/our stuff!
At the very least, I have found the HR blogging community is not shy about challenging ideas and each other, albeit in a very respectful way. I have found that to be a great learning experience for me too. As I have gotten a bit bolder in my writing, and more adventuresome in where I share my thoughts, I have engaged with more and more people and have come to experience a greater diversity of perspectives from people who have read my blog and shared their thoughts with me. This truly has been one of the most remarkable and most positive aspects of blogging!

As I move into year three of this blogging journey, much like I did last year, I wanted to throw out a word of thanks (and a plug) for some folks who have helped me along this journey by providing me advice, guidance, inspiration, support or simply due to the fact that they ALWAYS take the time to share my content. For those I haven’t met in person, it is my sincerest hope that I will get the opportunity to meet some of you in the coming year(s). I also hope that you check out their blogs and what they have to say – you won’t be disappointed!

1) Jay Kuhns ( No Excuses HR) – Jay blogs about leadership and HR by providing bite size nuggets of instantly applicable information. Jay is the VP of HR at All Children’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida and blogs at NoExcusesHR. Jay continues to provide a lot of support to The Armchair HR Manager blog by sharing my content on a regular basis to his vast network. Jay is always supportive of his fellow HR bloggers and to the HR community in general.

2) Mike Lehr (Omega Z Advisors) – Mike provides great leadership and management advice on his blog over at Omega Z Advisors. Mike’s personal mission, in my opinion, is to help make better leaders of us all! Mike is an engaging writer who never hesitates to share content and provide commentary on what I write. Thanks for your support Mike!

3) Chris Fields (The Resume Crusade) – I have had the opportunity to correspond with Chris over the past year. Chris provides a lot of valuable advice to those in the job search process. He provides a lot of information on resumes, job searching and interviewing. If you are looking for a job or are thinking of making a move, you should check out his blog. If you need a resume done RIGHT – hire him to do that too!

4) Sabrina Baker (Acacia HR Solutions) – Sabrina is an HR consultant who works at, and writes, for her company, Acacia HR Solutions. Sabrina brings a ton of real world experience to her writing. If you are looking for HR advice or some great HR content, check out her blog. She provides a lot of practical advice and I appreciate that she takes the time to share my content too!

5) Careers in Government (Mike Hurwitz) – Mike and I started working together a few months back. One of my side writing gigs has been to provide some content for Mike’s Careers in Government site. They have a ton of relevant career information on their site so you should check them out. Mike has also been a supporter of The Armchair HR Manager as well and I appreciate that.

6) Brighter Life (Paul Gagliardi) – Paul and I began a partnership well over a year or so ago. Paul is in charge of content for one of Sun Life’s sites – Brighter Life.ca. They share some great posts on managing life and career challenges. Paul has been a big supporter of my blog and its content and I encourage everyone to check out BrighterLife for some great information!

7) Kevin Dee (Eagle Professional Resources) – Kevin is the CEO of the staffing firm Eagle Professional Resources. Kevin was an early adopter of many social media tools and has been blogging on his corporate site for many years. Kevin provides valuable advice on leadership, management and talent acquisition (as well as other topics). I encourage you to check out his blog – you won’t be disappointed.

I wanted to provide a big thank you to these seven, as well anyone else who has read and/or shared my writings from The Armchair HR Manager. I am looking forward to another year of blogging and continuing to engage with the HR blogging community as a whole.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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