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10 Easy (no/low cost) New Year’s Resolutions for Managers

The Armchair HR Manager - Advice from an "HR Fan"

As we approach the time of year where we start to reflect on the past and give thought to the New Year, many of us start to make our New Year’s resolutions. Realistically, in our personal lives, how many of us actually make resolutions we know we can keep and actually achieve? I am certainly in no position to offer advice on personal resolutions, but what I am proposing is a list of (business) New Year’s resolutions for managers. This is a list of simple, mostly low cost/no cost resolutions for managers to help get their New Year off to a great start and sustain the momentum throughout the entire year. As a manager, you may not need to resolve to do all of these things, in fact, you may do many of them now, but even if there is one thing off the list you resolve to do, than…

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