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Dear Boss – Here is what I really need

From the not so dusty archives

The Armchair HR Manager - Advice from an "HR Fan"

Organizations spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year surveying their employees, paying for studies and research to ensure that they are “winning the war for talent” (I hate that saying), improving employee engagement and reducing turnover. Some get it right, some get it a little bit right and some miss the mark completely. The worst of the worst are those that don’t care and are so out of touch with their staff that they feel that it is a privilege for their employees to work for the company and that their salary should be all they really need. These same companies think it is all about the almighty dollar – that is, if I pay you enough, you will stay and do whatever it is I tell you to do and you will put up with however you are treated. Yet still, there are companies that think it is…

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