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Share and share a like

A short(er) post today as I, along with many others, get set to take a few days off over the Labour Day long weekend. Before doing so, I wanted to share a few words about a positive trend I have noticed in my profession (HR) as well as in many others – such as I.T., Engineering, etc. That is, the openness of professionals to share with each other. I have had many requests over the years to share in terms of policies (ideas), absenteeism data, turnover data etc. As HR professionals, we are always asked, and rightly so, by our operations partners to provide analytics around items such as these. As any HR Pro realizes, once you start to try and find out if there is any published (re. available) info on turnover, policy best practices, etc. you will found out it simply doesn’t exist, or at most, is limited. So where do you go to get that info?

ShareWell, if you have a well-developed network, than you reach out to them! I personally have found my network to be very generous with regards to the sharing of information. Now, I am not talking anything proprietary here as that would just be wrong. I am talking about best practices, relevant turnover info and the like. We are all trying to get better in our jobs and do right by our organizations. How do we do this? Well, we need more info and we get it from our peers/network. I personally don’t believe because I share turnover data with a colleague that that suddenly makes me lose ground in the “war for talent” (ugh.) I believe that if I am competent in my role, I use that info to benchmark, lead my team and make our organization better. Armed with relevant industry information makes me better able to pitch HR solutions to my executive team. It also gives me and my team greater credibility at the highest levels in our company.

Because of this networking, I can go to meetings and identify if/when our company has a problem OR better yet, is excelling. For instance, by having a network that shares, I am able to identify with our executive that our voluntary turnover is on par with what our competitors/industry is experiencing. That is not to say that we can’t do better or that we don’t have an opportunity to be leading edge, but it does help focus our HR efforts. By being armed with this information, it shows our executive that we are keeping an eye out on industry and our competition. What we DO with that info, well that is entirely within our organization’s control. Conversely, by sharing this info with my colleagues, they too are armed with the info; however, there is nothing to say that their companies do anything with it either.

The morale of the story is this: I am proud to be part of the HR profession. I have found that the HR folks that I have met in previous organizations, in my provincial HR association, in my LinkedIn network and on Twitter are all very giving with their time and information. Let’s continue to share info, best practices, etc. with each other as HR pros. At a micro level, it helps us in our jobs and makes our companies better. At a macro level, it helps to elevate our profession and adds greater credibility to the HR profession as a whole.

What about you? Do you have a network that shares? Do you see the value in sharing so as to add credibility to our profession? As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Scott

    I really enjoy your posts. You have a no nonsense approach which is exactly what people are looking for. I would like to meet with you over lunch or coffee so that we can share as your latest post so adroitly suggests. I would be delighted to help you in any way that you think I am able. I am seeing some great stuff out there in many workplaces but we have a long way to go. Many say I am visionary and there are some further strategies that organizations need to consider and remain vital for quality of work life and performance out comes. it is time to shake the branches and rattle some golden cages.

    September is not too busy for me except from the 11-20, where I am doing a series of sessions. after that all days are fairly open. October is nuts!

    Have a great long weekend!.


    • Hi Barb – as always, I appreciate the kind words and your insight! Would love to get together to discuss things further – I dropped you a note at your email that you provided on my website as well as your eastlink email. Will also send you a DM on Twitter with some dates. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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