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Stop the Insanity! – Business Etiquette 101

The Armchair HR Manager - Advice from an "HR Fan"

I really wanted to go with a different topic for my first blog post  but recent events have caused me to go in a different direction.  I know, I know…there are all kinds of blogs, articles, posts, etc. on this subject everywhere in the blogosphere but I have to go my own way on this one.  I truly believe that the (lack) of business etiquette in our daily lives is one of the major drivers of the stress we all experience, it lays the foundation for disengagement and it can ultimately leads to apathy if not snuffed out.

Now I am not talking about tiny slivers of perceived slightness.  I am talking about the everyday, every hour, nails on the chalkboard type of behaviour that sets us off.  What I propose is that we all take some ownership of this issue and not make it a “management” or “leadership” issue….but…

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